10 Pointers For Drafting An Effective Sales Pitch

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Are you finding that your business isn’t closing enough sales? Do you want to learn how to construct a straight-line persuasion script that will make you appear confident and intelligent while also assisting you to close more sales?

Your customer is pressed for time and can only give you two minutes of his or her time. A sales pitch is a short interaction with your potential client wherein your salesperson tells them why they should consider buying what you’re offering, with the objective of converting these prospects into customers. To provide a proper pitch, you must first comprehend how it works, as well as the important components of a great pitch and how to deliver it.

A strong sales script may make or break your organisation and sales team, as it can be the difference between lead buy-in and lead brush-off.

So, let’s take a look at why sales playbooks are so important for today’s sales teams, and how to create one that works like the Wolf of Wall Street and his team. 

While discussing the elements of a sales pitch, it is important to understand that around 76% of adults buy products online, and this is possible because online products are more presentable. You also have to focus on two-way communication while building a sales presentation. This way, you can gather vital information about your lead and his buying habits, while also growing his/her interest in your products/services. Once you have developed a specific consumer base, try to stick to it and give them recognition. The basic elements required for a successful sales pitch are as follows- 

1- Your introduction will change everything

Sales pitches typically do not need to begin with slides on your company’s history, financial performance, structure, locations, product progress, Top 100 accolades, or clientele. You only need this if i) people don’t already know who you are and ii) if you don’t mention anything about who you are.

The best way to establish credibility is to speak intelligently and insightfully about your prospect’s difficulties and worries.

Begin your pitch with a strong introduction. Something along those lines,

Hello, Bill!

This is Aquib from Savage and Palmer.

What’s new with you?

An important tip for sales pitches is to come across as familiar and casual. If you end up describing your entire product during your introduction, the chances are that you will turn off your prospect almost immediately. A great sales pitch is one that catches the customer off guard and makes them feel like they already know you and have spoken to you. We can say that it is very very important to ensure that the team gets on the call when they are enthusiastic and sound sharp. Like an expert, it is always important to ensure that the tone sounds confident.

2- Focus on your reason to be on call

Don’t let the lead drift off on a conversation that is irrelevant to the reason for your call. As a salesperson, time is money, and it makes most sense to speak about the product you are trying to sell and then move on to the next call.

Further, knowing your audience well might mean the difference between completing a deal and losing a prospect to your competitors. The personas of your potential buyers should be a part of your sales playbook. A buyer persona is a representation of the customer, their decision-makers, and the people and things that impact their choices.

Personalising the sales process for each buyer personalities the sales process and increases the likelihood of a great customer experience and more concluded deals.

3- Make your sales team efficient 

Tracking sales performance allows everyone on the sales team to see which strategies are working and which aren’t. While attempting to sell like Jordan Belfort, make sure to build a Situation sheet where you monitor all scenarios that your sales staff is confronted with, as well as the appropriate and quickest approach to handle them. 

4- Let the FOMO be rolled out

FOMO, or “fear of missing out,” is a marketing term that encourages customers to buy products and close more sales in a short period of time. Customers are induced into thinking they should take advantage of every chance so they don’t miss out on a fantastic deal..

Assume you’re presenting a programme to a prospect who has already used one. In most cases, such consumers are unwilling to spend, but it is your job to persuade them to accept your offer.

You can instil FOMO in your prospects and persuade them to buy using the tried-and-true FOMO marketing strategy whereby you offer them a limited time deal or discount.

Some simple steps to enable an effective sales pitch 

A sales pitch can’t be successful if you provide the same information to every person. To attain the best results, you must focus on customisation and understand the targeted audience. Here is a step by step guide to making a perfect sales pitch that would positively affect the business. 

1- Create a gripping start 

Starting with a question or tagline can grab instant attention from the customers as they will feel connected and stay engaged in the further information. 

Example: ‘Is your smartphone hiding something from you? Is your phone recording all your conversation?’ This way, the audience will feel engaged and would like to know the solution you have to offer. 

2- Show the process in steps 

Your pitch must be divided into two or three steps. This way, you can easily explain your motive, goals, benefits etc. 

Example: Start by mentioning the fact that is relatable; now state another fact that contradicts your first statement. Provide and retrieve information to and from clients in clear stages. By the end, resolve all the questions that you created. By creating this dichotomy, your audience will engage and focus on the products. 

3- Narrate a story 

When it comes to the sales pitch, it is easier to remember a story than hard facts. Stories make people emotional, and they can relate to them. 

Example: From Bill Gates to Jeff Bezos, every billionaire has a backstory that we all connect with. 

4- More conversations 

Conversation builds a sense of relationship, and when the audience believes they are connected to you, they will willingly buy your product or services. 

Example: If your product targets teenagers, talk about the things that are of interest to them. 

5- Come prepared 

If you share your sales pitch with potential customers, do not leave any stone unturned. Crosse checks your facts and grammar to ensure that you’re on top of your game

6- Develop a sense of urgency 

Your sales pitch should show that the audience is missing out on something really important; they will then rush to buy your product/service. Show them how people are interested in your products, and that this is their last chance to grab limited-time deals.  

7- Launch effective products 

No matter how good your sales pitch or marketing is, if the product is not worth it, customers will not share their interests.

Example: Genuine products, like cleaning solutions that actually work, can boost the market. 

8- Have a factual backing 

Everything you say and present while pitching your products must have a factual backing with genuine reasons. False information can be problematic for your products and business as well. 

Example: Use charts, graphs or data of the official website. 

9- Acknowledge your customer 

At the end of your pitch, convincing your customer is the only thing that matters. Do not force the same pitch on every customer. Acknowledge them and use customisation every time.

Example: While selling bottles to school, kids or adults work on customisation of your approach depending on your target audiences. 

10- Take a follow-up 

Asking for feedback or taking a follow up is really necessary if you want to connect with your customer. Many customers are willing to show their support or critically examine when they send feedback. 

Example: Share mails or messages to ask for feedback and make sure to respond to their analysis. 


These were the simple steps to manage your sales pitch. Once you have outlined all these points, you are ready to pitch your business and can expect great results. 

If you require any further help, remember Savage & Palmer are the leading service providers for accounting, taxation, payroll management, debtor collection and digital marketing. 

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