11 Best SEO Tools for Organic Growth

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Good SEO improves the rank of your website. Higher rank translates into greater visibility and higher conversions. Good SEO tools can help you in this endeavor. SEO tools help save your precious time with keyword research and analysis of data. They will generate performance reports and identify your areas of improvement. These tools will help boost traffic to your website and grow your business. Let us look at the different types of SEO tools used.

Types of SEO Tools

Competitor Analysis Tools

These SEO tools find and evaluate the SEO strategies your competitor websites are using. With the help of the data found, you can compare and integrate these strategies and thus improve your own.

Keyword Research Tool

A keyword research tool will generate keyword suggestions from the seed keyword entered. It helps you identify and use effective keywords to rank your content higher.

Content Optimization Tools

These tools help you choose which keywords to include in your content. This helps create SEO-friendly content that is targeted towards your potential audience.

On-page Optimization Tools

These are also known as technical SEO tools. They analyze your web pages for on-page SEO. It allows you to view your web page data as a search engine crawler would see it.

After knowing about the types, let us have a look at the best SEO tools 2021 for your reference.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the best free SEO tools for website ranking. For free use, you have to verify your website by adding a code to it. Alternately you can connect your console with your Google Analytics account and submit your sitemap for indexing purposes. You can use it for checking technical errors like site load errors, server issues, and security issues on your website. You can also check the number of clicks and impressions on your website. Other than that, you can view up to 1000 organic keywords and backlinks best suited for your site. Google Search Console will get you detailed information about your website performance and help you optimize it.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the best SEO tools for WordPress-based sites with a good free version. This SEO plugin assists you in optimizing your website’s keywords and content. After its installation, this plugin will pop up on all the pages that you create. It will analyze the content and post suggestions on its improvement. Yoast rates the provided keywords and suggests its improvement. It has a terrific “Google preview” function that allows you to view the status of your website on google search results.


SEMRush is one of the best SEO tools for eCommerce and marketing. You can view your website’s rankings and new opportunities to improve it. With its “Domain Vs Domain analysis”, you can compare your site to that of competitors. Through its analytics report, you can view your website traffic and other search data. With its ON-Page SEO Checker tool, you can check your website ranking. You can compare your target keyword with the top 10 real-time organic search competitors. It will also give you suggestions on improving your site’s performance. Its Keyword Magic Tool has over 20 billion keywords and can generate thousands of keyword combinations from one base keyword. Its Topic Research tool discovers content ideas and a content plan as per your audience’s needs. Content gap analysis lets you identify the topics you have missed so you can create and publish content on it.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public ranks among the best free SEO tools. Use it to find topics for your articles and blogs. You can find featured snippet opportunities and create topics based on specific keywords too. It finds the questions asked by web users based on your target keywords. Along with blog topics you can use it to create FAQs for your web pages. It is a great tool to create targeted content that will be viewed and shared and thus improve your website ranking through organic traffic.


Ahrefs is ranked among the best SEO tools overall. It has the second-highest number of web crawlers, just lower than Google. Its Site Audit feature checks SEO issues like JavaScript problems, slow loading pages, and missing HTML tags that lower your website’s rank. Use its competitor analysis tools to discover your competition’s backlinks. You can also determine how many backlinks your site needs to rank for a particular keyword. Its Content Explorer searches and identifies the top-ranking content in your domain. Use its Keyword Explorer having a database of 7 billion keywords to your advantage.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a great technical SEO tool. It quickly analyzes your website and performs site audits. It lets you know about bad redirections, missing metadata, what errors to fix, and how to improve link building. It generates XML sitemaps that check your site architecture for duplicate content. By integrating it with Google Analytics, Search Console, and PageSpeed Insights you can quickly get user and performance data for your website for making better decisions.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is one of the best SEO tools in 2021 and for the preceding years too. Moz has kept pace with Google’s algorithm changes consistently. Use it to get keyword recommendations and your website’s metrics and performance. Its’ page optimization feature will provide suggestions for SEO improvement for every page. You can also compare your web pages and keywords with that of competitors and alter your strategy accordingly.


Ubersuggest is one of the best free SEO tools for identifying keywords. It finds keywords and the search reason behind them by showing the top-ranking pages for those keywords. Use to find and use short and long-tail keywords optimized for your website. It helps you determine the effectiveness of a keyword. Ubersuggest Metrics reports include CPC, keyword volume, competitors, and seasonal trends. This tool is good for both organic SEO and paid Pay-Per-Click marketing.


Clearscope is one of the best SEO tools for WordPress and for content optimization. It helps you create high-ranking content. Paste your content into its text editor to get the list of keywords rank-wise to include in the content. It’s easy to check grading system measures the quality of the content and shows the keyword’s competitiveness. Its outline builder will recommend topics and headings for your content. You can integrate it with WordPress and Google Docs to use Clearscope with your preferred text editor.


SpyFu is an excellent competitor analysis tool with both a free and premium version. As the name suggests, search it to spy on your competitors. Use it to find what keywords they use, how many monthly clicks they get and what campaigns they are running with Google Ads, and how much they are spending on it. You can check their website traffic sources, backlinks, and their highest ranking keywords. It can also provide you with in-depth historical data of your competitors for the past 20 years. You can also use it to find this information about your site too. You can also check the monthly search results for a particular keyword and the ranking difficulty for that.


BuzzSumo is one of the best SEO tools in 2021 due to some unique features. You can analyze the type of content that performs best for a topic just by entering the keyword in the search box. It allows you to evaluate the performance based on different metrics across websites and keywords. It also finds the key social media influencers to promote your content via email. You can also find a great title or headline for your content based on their rankings, shares, and forwards on social media.


So, this was our list of the best SEO tools. Use these tools to increase your organic website traffic and rank high in search results. A word of advice to the new entrants in the SEO field. Check the free versions of some of these costly tools to determine if they are the right fit for your SEO needs. If they are effective and suitable for your business, then go ahead with the paid subscriptions.

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