3 Valuable Tips To Improve Customer Loyalty

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3 Valuable Strategies To Improve Customer Loyalty!

There is nothing more valuable to a business than a loyal customer. Customer Loyalty is achieved after empowering, valuing and gaining the trust of your clients. A happy customer will keep coming back for more, always bringing along with the potential customers in the form of their family and friends.

So, the question that you may have is somewhere on the lines of “How can I achieve customer loyalty in my business?” Well, we have some good and bad news. The Bad News? Customer Loyalty is not easily achieved. The Good News? We’re here to help! Will this happen overnight? Absolutely Not. Will it positively impact the growth of your business? A hundred per-cent.

Quality customer service is the best and cheapest marketing tool for your business. Always remember, the customer is king. If you are one of those businesses that look at their customers as burdens and tend to forget about them once they are acquired, you are in serious problem and are bound to fail for sure. Your business is running in the first place only because of your customers and it is better to realise this sooner than later. To achieve brand loyalty and better your overall customer service, Here are 3 simple customer retention strategies to keep in mind!


Your customers are always trying to reach out to you, but are you even listening to them? Communication between you and your customers is of crucial importance. Most businesses believe that they should communicate with their customers through as many channels as possible like Phone calls, Emails, Text messages, Social Media, Chatbots etc. But the fact of the matter is that having multiple channels of communication may complicate your customer service to a large extent.

The best thing that you could do is to set up one or at the most, two streamlined channels through which your customer can communicate their concerns, feedback and requirements. A good example of this can be what we do at Savage and Palmer – We use BaseCamp to make sure that our customers can share their problems immediately and specifically to the person they want to address. Both the employees and the customers can give tasks to each other along with a set deadline so as to ensure seamless communication. We also do something as simple as setting up WhatsApp groups with Customers and our Account Managers and Executives. This serves the purpose of being able to communicate small but important information like updates and reminders for the full team, in one place.

Speaking of Communication, it is very important to monitor the way your own team communicates. Make sure that they are good listeners and observers who communicate politely in a thoughtful and educated manner. They must always be positive and proactive in their approach towards problems. If you create and facilitate good communication at your workplace, it will automatically resonate when your employees interact with your clients.

Employee Training:

This is by far the most important because it is your employees that will always have direct interactions with the customers, both existing and potential. It is a common misconception that only your Customer Relations or Client Servicing Representatives should go through Customer Related Training. Make sure that even the employees that have an indirect interaction with your customers are trained to be empathetic, patient and customer friendly. These can be anyone, right from your Sales Team, to the ones performing onsite service for your customers.

Teach your employees to be honest, transparent and genuine about everything. This can mean making sure that they don’t promise something that they can’t deliver or even making sure that they acknowledge when they don’t know something. Cultivate an atmosphere of Problem Solving at your organization so that your employees are able to come up with quick and creative solutions for when your clients have problems.

At Savage and Palmer, we conduct regular In House Training Programs which ensures that our clients are always served with quality customer service. If there are unique customer management scenarios faced by certain team members, we discuss these as case studies in our employee training, to ensure the information is not left in silos but disseminated to the full team. Richard Branson once said, “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients”. Therefore, we are always investing in the development and training of our employees so that they can create one of a kind experience for our customers.

Put the Customer First:

Before making any business decisions, ask yourself this one question: “How is this going to benefit my customers?” This is the difference between mediocre customer service and outstanding customer service. Build your business with the customer at the heart of it. Jeff Bezos, when starting Amazon, made sure to add customer reviews for books even if the publishing companies were against it. According to him, what the customers thought about the book was more important than the publishers’ pushback. Try to take your next business step keeping in mind the problems that customers are facing or might face in the future. Let customer feedback be something that is not just collected but something that is also implemented. Make sure that your service or product actually adds value to the life of your customer.

It is essential to have a ‘People before Profit’ culture in your organization. The money will come if you are genuinely making a difference in the life of your customers. Adaptability is very important in the world of customer service because no two customers are the same and your employees should adapt according to the requirement of each customer. Every problem is unique and therefore every solution should be customized according to the clients’ needs.

Therefore, if you follow these 3 customer retention strategies, you will not only be able to accelerate your Customer Loyalty but will also be known in your industry as a company that offers some of the best customer service available.

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