9 Best To Do List Apps For 2021

by | 27 Jun 2022 | Information

Success depends on how productive you are and if you get things done on time. A to-do list makes you more organized and increases efficiency. It lets you jot down, organize and set your tasks in priority. You can also include notes, files, and even links to a task and share it with others. In short, a to-do list is an essential requirement for raising productivity and assists in consolidating all your tasks in one place. You set your priorities and track your progress easily. Overall, it makes your life easier by getting things done on time.

We searched for the best to-do list apps for 2021 and have curated a choice of 9 apps for you. The search included every platform from Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Then we tested, used, and compared them extensively.

Our list includes apps that can be used on both computers and mobile devices. The other main considerations were a good design, how well the apps selected let you manage and organize your tasks, and if you are able to collaborate effectively with other people.

After evaluating all these parameters, we created a list of 9 worthy contenders. You can read about them below and decide which is the best app for a to-do list for you.

The Best to-do List Apps

Here are our 9 choices of best to-do lists for 2021.

  1. Todoist – power, and simplicity
  2. Microsoft to Do – for Microsoft power users
  3. TickTick – for timers and calendars
  4. OmniFocus – for organizational systems
  5. Things- for elegant design
  6. Google Tasks – for Google power users
  7. Habitica – for ease and fun
  8. Any.do – for absent-minded people
  9. Remember the Milk – for whom keyboard shortcuts are a way of life

What Makes a to-do List App so Great?

The best to-do list app should help you in the below-mentioned tasks to be considered good.

  1. They should improve your efficiency by organizing tasks quickly.
  2. You should be able to organize your tasks in several ways effectively.
  3. Notify you about your deadlines beforehand. Can be through email, notifications, alarms.
  4. A clean and clutter-free user interface.
  5. Availability across platforms and seamless integration. Make it easy for you to switch between devices.
  6. Able to add sub-tasks to the main task.

We have discussed in detail 3 choices of to-do lists having features in this order. Power & simplicity, With calendars & timers and with elegant design. Let us look at them below.

To-do List App for Power and Simplicity


Todoist is a perfect balance of power and simplicity and can be accessed on nearly all platforms. It can be accessed on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. You can easily create tasks and subtasks and organize and prioritize them. It is a flexible tool and can adapt to most workflows. It is a simple to-do list that has both free and paid versions.

While free version supports 80 projects and 5 people per project. The premium version costs $36/year and can host up to 300 projects with 25 people per project.

Here are some of its key features.

  1. Single and recurring task creation and labeling.
  2. You can create tasks directly from your email inbox.
  3. Add comments to tasks for timely feedback.
  4. Organize your tasks by setting priority levels.
  5. Share projects to discuss ideas.
  6. Notifications and reminders through e-mails and phone messages.
  7. Facility to integrate your contact list.
  8. Automatic backups for safekeeping of data.
  9. Real-time sync for a unified workflow.
  10. Track your productivity through Karma points and streaks.

App with Timers and Calendars


TickTick has a clutter-free interface and makes managing tasks easy. You can create tasks, subtasks, lists, priority levels, and tags. You can easily share them with other people. You can set smart reminders and repeat alerts. It can be accessed on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Here are its key features.

  1. Create customized lists with voice commands.
  2. Set smart reminders and alerts.
  3. Keep an eye on all upcoming tasks through calendar view.
  4. Easily drag and drop tasks in the calendar.
  5. Share the list with other people.
  6. Set priority levels.
  7. Set personalized themes.
  8. Track the tasks, and get achievement scores for completing the tasks. j. Efficiently monitor progress by viewing project statistics and workflow summary.
  9. Backup data for storage and retrieval.

This to-do list app is free and has a paid version too. The free version has all the core functionalities while paid version is $27.99/year and offers additional features like customized themes, historical statistics, calendar view among others.

To-do App with Elegant Design


Things is a simple to-do list app. It has an uncomplicated, elegant, and feature-rich design. You can easily and effectively organize your tasks with this app. Create categories for your tasks, rearrange them and give them more structure and never miss a deadline.

Here are its key features.

  1. Manage your tasks and checklists.
  2. Create customized tags for lists for categorizing them.
  3. Create start and end dates for tasks.
  4. Use the calendar view to keep track of deadlines.
  5. View upcoming tasks list.
  6. Drag and drop for adding tasks and prioritizing them.
  7. Create custom headings to divide tasks into categories.
  8. Create a to-do list with a single tap.
  9. Use advanced search filters.
  10. Get reminder notifications.
  11. Use slim mode functionality for focusing on a specific task.
  12. View pie charts for monitoring timely progress.

One thing to note is that it is not a to-do list app for windows free download. It is accessible only on Apple devices and has no free version but comes with a 15-day free trial. Monthly plans for Mac is $49.99, for iPhone & Watch is $9.99 and for iPad is $19.99.


Best to-do list apps help you get organized. But personalize and prioritize the tasks that you include in your list. Do not make the lists too extensive or they may get out of hand. Also do not forget to create a schedule and apply due dates to each task. Analyze your requirements and then create the list with the most important tasks and the time they should be completed. In this way, you will make full use of your to-do list and become more productive and efficient.

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