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Helping Entrepreneurs

Ria Vora is a marketing veteran with a burning passion in the field of Digital Media and Marketing. Ria started her business straight out of college along with a friend. The gap she identifies was that most small business owners do not have the expertise to market themselves in the digital world, hence she wanted to give such companies an affordable marketing plan so they could focus on what they love doing and have more time for their business. just like Savage & Palmer, Apwig Media is in the business of helping other businesses thrive.

Accounting was a nightmare

When Ria started her business, it was a fun activity, just to get some extra pocket money. Soon, she realized that there was tremendous demand for her services and her business began to grow rapidly. However, her back-end accounting operations were highly unstable.

“Why would I put in all the time running a successful business without knowing what my actual profits are? I had no visibility over my numbers until the year ended.”

So on a friends recommendation Ria signed up with Savage & Palmer.

Wish I could Skip March

Before signing up with Savage & Palmer, Ria’s accounting was handled by a family CA.

“March was a month I hated the most; I am a creative person, and accounting is alien to me! When I first started my business, I did not know much about invoicing, processing payroll, or accounting.”

The major challenge faced by her was that she could not understand if she was making money or losing it until the end of the financial year. Her CA was a senior, and there was a generation gap, making communication difficult

Tax Penalties were a big concern

Following up with her previous CA for filings of GST and TDS before the due date was a major concern. “I used to be worried about missing the due date for filing my taxes. My old CA used to file them toward the year end.” Ria now trusts Savage & Palmer completely with her tax compliances and receives monthly updates on the status of each filing giving her much needed confidence in this department.

“SavPalm gets what I want – they’re the accountants for the millenials and are always on the same wavelengths as me.”

Expert, Personal Advice

Ria being in the media and marketing industry has a great visual memory. She loves how Savage & Palmer proveds her graphical monthly reports which gives her a clear visual perspective. She eagerly looks forward to receiving her monthly financial reports which help her set targets for the upcoming months and take the right business decisions – be it hiring a new graphic design ror lowering costs on certain projects to win more business. Ria loves the level of proficiency provided by Savage & Palmer.

“Pinkesh, my relationship manager, has been there for any queries I have, however basic or complex they might be. The whole experience has always been so easy yet professional.”

Ria also compares Savage & Palmer to a Fitness Coach, like a checker on my accounting activites – always telling me if I am doing things the right way.

Streamline all Back End Operations so that you can save Time & Money and focus on GROWING YOUR BUSINESS.

Accounting & Tax: Let us crunch the numbers, so you can focus on growing your business.

Virtual CFO: Experience financial success with a Virtual CFO by your side.

Internal Audit: Gain peace of mind with our comprehensive internal audit services.

Company Secretary: Let our experienced Company Secretary guide you through corporate compliance effortlessly.

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More time to take on large clients

After signing up with Savage & Palmer, Ria did not have to break her head over accounting.

“I got so much free time that I could actually focus on my clients and serve them even better. Due to this, I had the bandwidth to sign on big clients. Recently we got the Taj Maldives on-board with us. I love how Savage & Palmer has changed my accounting from a compliance activity to a knowledge centre. It makes my life simple, an entrepreneur who had no idea with what I am doing when it comes to Accounting and Taxation”

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