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Ahura Travels


About Ahura Travels

Ahura Travels is an established, IATA accredited travel agency. It has its roots deeply entrenched in the dynamic industry of travel for the last three decades. As an organisation, Ahura believes in functioning not only as travel agents but also as consultants. Thus, their efforts are directed towards helping their clientele optimise their travel agenda – be it by land, air or sea – in the best possible manner. 


How Collections were managed before working with Savage & Palmer

Before working with Savage & Palmer, the accounts team at Ahura Travels used to follow up for payments themselves. As the team had many tasks to focus on, they did not have the bandwidth to conduct these payment follow-ups effectively leading to late payments that hampered their cash flow.


What does Ahura Travels like most about working with Savage & Palmer

Ahura Travels loves the systems and processes put in place to collect money from their clients. They also appreciate the dedicated debt collection team that follows up in a timely manner for each payment.


What were the end results?

Savage & Palmer helped Ahura Travels recover over 60% of their outstanding dues from their debtors through timely follow-ups and robust processes.

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