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About SKO

Sko is a footwear brand focused on men’s local footwear and ethnic wear. The footwear is very simple, clean-cut. The design speaks for itself…
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About Advanced Dentistry

CENTER FOR ADVANCED DENTISTRY & INVISIBLE BRACES headed by Dr Jignesh Kothari & Dr Hetal Kothari has been…
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Vedistry, a division of Charak Group, has been a leader in Ayurvedic medicine for over 75 years. Its mission is…
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About Junipero

Junipero is a direct to customer eCommerce footwear store built for the modern-urban woman who is eco-friendly and cares about…
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About Isprava

5 years, 110 homes, and 9000 rental guests later, Isprava has come a long way…
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About Oxyjon

Oxyjon is on a mission to reduce the pain and suffering caused by diabetes and other chronic diseases, through their programs based on…
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Palatial stays

Palatial Stays was started by Aditi Mody and Simi Kumar with a vision to provide a boutique collection of luxury homes across India…
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About Fixcraft!

Fixcraft is a full-stack car repair management solution and is over 3 years old. Fixcraft aims to deliver exceptional, quality service…
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About Enrizon

Enrizon was conceived with the belief that all capable and hardworking students should be able to pursue their dreams…
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Vigneto has been a front-runner in the offline tableware industry for the past 15 years. They launched their online retail store in 2021…
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Rynox Gears

Rynox is a company that was founded by three passionate riders who shared a common love for going on short tours…
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Salt Scout

Salt Scout, a company committed to promoting socially conscious spending, has embarked
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FreshKatch, a pioneering seafood delivery service in India, is brought to you by MarketPro, a diversified
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Knitnap productions

KnitNap Nightwear, a premium apparel brand, believes in taking care of oneself and prioritizing good sleep
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Athlos Sports

In late 2015, Pravin and Shruti, the founders of Athlos, faced a classic business problem. Athlos was still
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ORIONZ Jewelry, born from the fusion of ethics and aesthetics, offers an extraordinary opportunity
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Yellow Fashion

The transformative power of a saree, a 6-yard piece of unstitched cloth, in enhancing a woman’s
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100 KMPH

100kmph is a lifestyle brand catering to the global community of speed enthusiasts. With a proud
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Arpitha Mehta

Arpita Mehta has an academic background in science. However, since school days she clearly had an affinity towards…
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Desi Hangover

When I was in college, I happened to visit an artisan fair. Something that I noticed almost instantly…
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Parakh Hospitals

I have been a practicing doctor for a very long time now and one of the main reasons to start this hospital was because we were…
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Studio Wodehouse

I have been inclined toward interior designing for the last 12 years. I pursued my master’s in it and worked as an Interior…
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We started this business in 2011 and at that time, there weren’t any ecommerce options for apparel…
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Plan B

My Business partner, Sneha and I, we are actually Chartered Accountants and we have worked in investment banking for.…
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Apwig Media

Ria Vora is a marketing veteran with a burning passion in the field of Digital Media and Marketing. Ria started her business…
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About Dr.Vaidya's

Dr. Vaidya’s is an ayurvedic medicine brand. We’ve helped them with their accounting in the past. Here’s what they’ve to say about us…
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About Surefix

Surefix produces self-adhesive products. We spoke to the CEO and here’s what he has to say about his experience with our company…
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About Wealth Desk

Wealth Desk is a platform that helps you invest systematically. We help them with their accounting services, here’s what they have to say about us…
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Ahura Travels

Ahura Travels is an established, IATA accredited travel agency. It has its roots deeply entrenched in the dynamic…
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Essajees Atelier

Essajees Atelier is an award winning design firm focusing on high quality projects with a unique aesthetic. The firm…
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My Eco Tribe

My Eco Tribe is a family-run business committed to sustainability in every form. The business works to find eco-friendly…
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Exmar Ship Management

Exmar Ship Management, India, is the Indian Subsidiary of Exmar Ship management NV which is based…
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Akash Garments

Akash Garments is a clothing and garment wholesaler – a company from which smaller brands buy, market and then sell clothes…
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Tipsyfly is a jewellery and accessory brand that is working on making stylish, modern accessories accessible to all. In their own words…
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Mason Home by Amarsons

Mason Home is a luxury home decor brand that provides solutions with a selective array of home decor items…
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OneBoard is a Goa-based tech start-up with a mission to enable micro-entrepreneurs in the travel experience industry to…
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99 Strategic Advisors is a leading provider of commercial information and insights on businesses in India
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Aarkios Health Private Limited

Aarkios Health Private Limited is a leading supplier of high-quality products and services
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Accurate Bearings Components

Accurate Bearing Components is a company dedicated to providing seamless support in the areas
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Agrinet Solutions Pvt Ltd

AgriNet Solutions, a division of Bloom Packaging Pvt. Ltd., traces its roots back to UPL Ltd
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Aakash Impex

Akaash Impex, established in 1993, initially began as a design and production house for high-end
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Albatrot Digital

Albatrot is a team of marketing natives with a combined experience of over 20 years in both traditional...
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Alenka Media Private Limited

Alenka Media is a leading provider of in-store radio and background music solutions for a wide
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Blowfish Co

Blowfish, a renowned digital and creative solutions agency, offers top-notch design, digital and content 
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Cherie D

Cherie D is a couture fashion brand that prides itself on its unique design perspective, which is rooted
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Dynamite Design

Dynamite Design is a Mumbai-based design firm that specializes in providing top-quality design
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The New Excelsior

The New Excelsior Theatre, located in Mumbai, is a historic cinema hall that has undergone several
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Shield Foundation

The Shield Foundation has been pursuing its mission since 2009. It is an organization that was registered
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Deliciae, a renowned patisserie brand in Mumbai, has emerged as a prominent name in the dessert industry
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Aditya Ahuja Design House Pvt Ltd

Aditya Ahuja comes from a family with a deep-rooted passion for textiles. His grandfather, who was originally
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Sole Search

SoleSearch, India’s premier marketplace for limited edition sneakers, streetwear, accessories, and collectibles
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Bazinga Media Private Limited

Bazinga Media is a renowned brand-building agency that specializes in creating and scaling brands
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Indie Wild

In a celebration of South Asian heritage and a declaration of their wild spirit, a remarkable company
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Mercury AC

Established in the year 1990-1991, Mercury Air-Conditioners Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent player engaged
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CliniBiz, a leading consultancy, is at the forefront of transforming the landscape of clinical
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Nor Black Nor White

NorBlack NorWhite is a dynamic company born out of a desire to delve into the depths of their cultural roots
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Barometer has set out on a mission to revolutionize the food and beverage industry by
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Stand Design

In 2016, Stand Design was established by the dynamic duo of Siddhant Tikkoo and Nikita D’Silva, both
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Tech Morphosis

Tech Morphosis, a leading technology company, was co-founded by Raunaq and Pavan, driven by their vision
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Charak Pharma

The brief was to showcase their ayurvedic products in a fun and relatable way. However, the challenge was working…
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Moha, an Ayurvedic skincare brand

The client brief was to create an interesting story by which the client could showcase their product as well as the charitable…
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The brief was to create an informative series that is both fun and engaging around an influencer asking a dermatologist…
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Nilaya Hermitage, Goa

The brief was to create an interesting story by capturing all the spaces and corners of this discreet get-away…
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Schott Kaisha

The brief was to capture the expanse of their new plant in Daman in a fun and organized way. However the challenge was…
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S.P.J. Sadhana School

S.P.J. Sadhana School has a previous history as the Tinker Bell School, which was founded in 1968 by Mrs. Durga Jain and was originally…
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Rajaram Consumer Care

Rajaram Consumer Care is a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing facility located in Sangli…
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upGrad is the largest higher education technology company in Asia. With the latest technology, pedagogy, industry partners…
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Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS was established to make lasting changes to protect and conserve India’s natural heritage, forests, and biodiversity…
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By developing a comprehensive and unrivaled entertainment experience, Deltin, owned by Delta Corp. Ltd…
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Oxyjon is a company that provides end-to-end diabetes care using a hub-and-spoke strategy. To improve patient…
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Forsyth Lodge

Forsyth Lodge is the most luxurious jungle resort in Satpura, Madhya Pradesh. Forsyth Lodge is managed by passionate…
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Charak’s entry into the personal and healthcare industries led to the creation of Vedistry. With a history spanning more…
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Brego Land

Brego Land is India’s first online platform for fractional land investments making land more accessible and cleaner…
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Anneysa Ghosh Kumar

Anneysa Ghosh Kumar is the CEO of Apollo Foundation Total Health, a CSR initiative of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise…
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Gunjan Noshir Katrak

GNN Trends is a sourcing consulting firm that was conceived and brought into existence five years ago in Mumbai, India, by Gunjan…
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Mihir Lunia

Mihir Lunia, our co-founder and founder of Brego Land, relies on our internal team in order to ensure that his LinkedIn…
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Frequently asked questions

What kind of results have you achieved for your clients?
We’re proud to have helped our clients achieve a range of results, from increased website traffic and lead generation to higher conversion rates and revenue growth.
How do you choose which clients to feature in your case studies?
We choose clients whose marketing challenges and goals align with the services we offer and who are willing to share their success stories with others.
What kind of marketing strategies and tactics have you used in your case studies?
We use a variety of marketing strategies and tactics in our case studies, including social media marketing, content marketing, paid advertising, and search engine optimization (SEO).
How do you measure the success of your case study campaigns?
We use a variety of metrics to measure the success of our case study campaigns, including website traffic, conversion rates, and ROI.
How do you collaborate with your clients during the case study process?
We work closely with our clients throughout the case study process to ensure that their goals and feedback are incorporated into the final product.
What can I learn from your case studies?
Our case studies are designed to showcase our expertise in marketing and provide insights into how we approach marketing challenges and achieve results for our clients.
How can I use your case studies to improve my own marketing?
Our case studies can provide inspiration and ideas for your own marketing campaigns, as well as insights into how to measure success and build effective marketing strategies.
How do you ensure that your case studies accurately reflect your clients' experiences?
We take great care to ensure that our case studies are factually accurate and represent our clients’ experiences and perspectives in an honest and transparent way.
Can I contact your clients featured in the case studies for references?
We respect the privacy of our clients and their contact information is not disclosed on our website. However, we can connect you with them upon request.
How can I work with Savage & Palmer to achieve similar results for my business?
The best way to get started is to schedule a consultation with us to discuss your marketing goals and challenges. From there, we can develop a customized marketing plan that’s tailored to your business and its unique needs.