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About Advanced Dentistry

CENTER FOR ADVANCED DENTISTRY & INVISIBLE BRACES headed by Dr Jignesh Kothari & Dr Hetal Kothari has been designing smiles since 1973 ( previously Chhaya dental Clinic) They have over 47 years of experience in advanced dental care & over 18 years in invisible orthodontics and are the first DIAMOND Invisalign provider in the western India.
Problem statement
Advance Dentistry is a well-known dental clinic in Mumbai. Their challenge before joining Savage and Palmer was how to market themselves and get more sales.
Savage & Palmer’s solution
Our Ad Experts at Savage & Palmer devised a strategy for Advanced Dentistry which helped them gain a high ROAS.
Smart strategies used by Savage & Palmer
  • Bifurcation of Campaigns:

    We realised that when one campaign had multiple keywords attached to it, it was resulting in high clicks, but low conversions. Thus, we bifurcated their keywords into different campaigns. On doing so, the audience saw exactly what they searched for, thus increasing relevance of the ads and thereby increasing the sales.

  • Split Testing:

    To understand which audience worked best, our team ran split tests between young adults, working professionals and parents of young adults with different types of creatives on each ad campaign to see what converted best.

  • Feedback Loop:

    We set up a tight feedback loop with the client to understand how the inbound leads were behaving. After noticing certain traits such as age, location and propensity to pay, we further narrowed down our targeting to ensure our ads were delivered to the ideal, high converting customer.

Increase in ROAS to upto 5 in 3 months.

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