About enrizon : education finance marketplace

ENRIZON derives from ‘Education’, ‘Rise’ and ‘Horizon’.
Enrizon was conceived with the belief that all capable and hardworking students should be able to pursue their dreams and be the best version of themselves, and the lack of funding should never hinder the pursuit of their Educational Aspirations. Enrizon is more than just an Education Finance Marketplace – It is a platform where your dreams can turn into reality.
Problem statement
Enrizon is a well known education finance marketplace. Their challenge before joining Savage and Palmer was how to market themselves and get more leads.
Savage & Palmer’s solution
Our Paid ad experts devised a strategy for Enrizon, and over time we’ve helped them reduce their cost per lead by 98%.
Smart strategies used by Savage & Palmer
  • Changing the campaign objectives:

    We changed the objective to ‘lead generation’ where the target audience was not redirected to a landing page but they had to fill a form. This ensured we got a more relevant set of leads.

  • Changed the creatives:

    Our graphic team made some beautiful graphics that addressed the audience’s pain points and hence increased the CTR (click through rate).

  • Remarketing:

    We heavily remarketed to all the visitors who did not convert on their first visit. This resulted in users coming back and leaving their enquiry.

The cost per lead went from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 20, a whopping 98%.

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