About Fixcraft!

Fixcraft is a full-stack car repair management solution and is over 3 years old. Fixcraft aims to deliver exceptional, quality service to customers who are looking for a reliable and trustworthy service partner across all vehicle brands.
Before Savage & Palmer!
Before signing up with Savage & Palmer, Fixcraft was managing it’s performance marketing department with the help of a freelancer and was dissatisfied by the strategy and performance.
Challenges Faced By Fixcraft
The main challenge faced by Fixcraft before signing up with Savage & Palmer was a lack of focus in campaign structures across digital marketing campaigns. Additionally, the ad strategy and ad copies were sub-par and there was a lot of irrelevant keyword usage.
Savage & Palmer’s Goals for Fixcraft
For the Savage & Palmer team, the goal was to increase the conversion rate and the relevancy of leads that were coming in.The plan was to introduce the brand on various digital marketing channels and improve overall brand recall.
Strategies Used by Savage & Palmer
  • Identified relevant keywords to optimize the ad campaigns.
  • Worked towards increasing search impression share.
  • Focused on improving the target audience by keeping a close look on audience segmentation and a tight feedback loop with the client.
End Results for Fixcraft
  1. Conversion rate increased over 2.5x from 5% to 13% leading to a lower CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost).
  2. Increase in lead volume of over 20% owing to increased brand recall and improved audience targeting.

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