About Junipero

Junipero is a direct to customer eCommerce footwear store built for the modern-urban woman who is eco-friendly and cares about the environment. They are a chic brand that love to stay with the brand. They keep staying with the trends and releasing new products which we promote as and when they come. They pride themselves on selling 100% vegan footwear, followed by their perfect 14-day return policy, 24/7 Customer Support and free shipping!

Mandate Description

Junipero, which started in 2017, is a sustainable footwear brand that is invested in providing  that had limited knowledge about running ads campaigns on Google Ads & Facebook Ads Manager. The brand also needed help with consumer stickiness & creating brand awareness across platforms.

Problems The Client Was Facing

The challenging part was working against their competition to get high conversion rates + sales traction on their website. As and when new products got introduced, we had to push them more and more through Google and Facebook ads.

SEM: Although Junipero was running ads using Facebook’s Ads Manager, their ad spend was more than their sales conversions. This in turn resulted in the campaign hitting a roadblock.

Facebook Ads Manager as a platform needs a lot more optimization than Google Ads to increase the conversion rates. This is when we decided to rehash the checkout funnel in the customer journey and free the clogs in the process.

Target Audience: The client had a scattered clientele with audiences across age groups, genders and professions, which made it difficult for them to come up with campaigns that targeted most of the demographics altogether. Having mentioned that, we suggested targeting the audience based on the interest levels to narrow down further on the type of clientele Junipero was looking to cater to.  Basically, increasing page visits by pushing the campaigns towards an audience with a relevant set of interests.

Initial Action

To help them achieve their desired goals, Savage & Palmer narrowed their list down to the top-selling products which were pretty easy to acquire given we had access to their shopify dashboard. This enabled us to grow our focus on those specific products on a tight budget which would get them their return on ad spend.

Inputs Provided By Us

Initially when we had them onboard, we suggested the following initial strategies that worked and were approved by Junipero:

  • Customer database to create a lookalike campaign 
  • Launching new styles every week and changing the creatives thereafter
  • Using video creatives that were being used for the social media pages

Strategies That Didn’t Work

There obviously were strategies that failed, amongst which was implementing the remarketing campaign at an early stage that increased the CAC drastically which overshot the ROI.

Remarketing becomes an expensive affair when the reason why your potential customers bounced off is unknown. The fact that your remarketing campaign is only going to fetch the attention of a minor fraction of that audience is even scarier.

What worked?

We were able to provide website optimization pointers that enhanced the performance of the ad campaigns and smoothened the user purchase flow on their website. We provided regular updates to the client regarding the products that are out of stock by creating an out-of-stock items report. We also keep providing the client with a scale-up plan for the festive season which helps them plan for further seasons.

Results We Achieved

Let alone the traction, this reform in the funnel gave out 5X returns on ad spends (ROAS) by the end of the project completion. 

The fact that Junipero was struggling to ramp up their sales was a concern that needed scalable strategies to grow the numbers organically. 

Which is why, one of the many ideas we came up with to put in place was to implement bundling of products & offering discounts on more than just one product, hand in hand (for instance, ‘Buy x, get y% off’). The idea behind doing this was to bump up the volume of orders compared to that in the past.

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