Case study – About Oxyjon

About Oxyjon

Oxyjon is a company that provides end-to-end diabetes care using a hub-and-spoke strategy. To improve patient outcomes, they combine technology, the most recent medical practices, and human intervention. They offer packages for sugar reduction, consultations, and the scheduling of medical procedures and lab tests.

Challenges faced by Oxyjon

Before signing up with Savage & Palmer, the outreach to leads was tedious, which led to a low volume of leads. As a result, scaling the business became difficult.

Marketing Goals for Oxyjon

The goal was to increase the number of leads by leveraging digital marketing channels. The plan was to introduce the brand on different platforms and increase awareness among the target audience.

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Strategies Used by Savage & Palmer

– Savage & Palmer created and optimised the campaign structure to meet the goals.
– Ensured World-class Ad communication
– Used a mix of platforms to capture the best traffic

End Result

The conversion rate increased by over 2.2x, from 14% to 30.7%, which helped in the reduction of CAC (customer acquisition cost).
There was a significant increase in lead volume owing to increased brand recall and awareness.

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