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About SKO – A Premium Footwear Brand

The brand

It was the minimalistic approach of Scandinavian design that sparked their imagination, and that’s how SKO’s story began. An idea that was driven by his entrepreneurial spirit and a rare insight that saw the clear gap in the Indian market for contemporary men’s fashion footwear, Nishant launched the WCFC brand, which is specifically aimed at open footwear. With over 80 retail outlets as part of SKO’s success story, they are moving into closed footwear with the beautiful Danish word for shoes, SKO, as their brand name.

Problem statement

SKO is designed for “on the go” urban men who value fashion that does not compromise on quality, design, or comfort. They had a really successful product, but their challenge before joining Savage and Palmer was brand awareness, or more specifically, how to market themselves and get more sales online.

Savage and Palmer’s solution

Our Paid Ads experts devised a strategy for SKO, and over time, we’ve helped them gain a ROAS (return on actual sales) of 2.92.

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Smart strategies used by Savage & Palmer

  • Finding the Right Audience: We spent days researching and trying to find the right target audience for the brand (age, income, city). Through optimization and A/B testing, we found the right target audience for the brand.
  • Split Testing: To understand which platform is best to target their audience, our team tried a combination of Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads with different types of creatives on each ad campaign.
  • Remarketing: As we were able to drive a high volume of traffic to the online store, we heavily remarketed to all the visitors who did not convert on their first visit. This resulted in users coming back and purchasing


Increase in ROAS to up to 2.92 in 4 months (an overall increase of 88%). The website purchases went up by 180% in 3 months.

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