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Blowfish, a renowned digital and creative solutions agency, offers top-notch design, digital and content services to its clients. Their team of experts delivers 360-degree strategic and proactive solutions to meet clients’ requirements efficiently. Blowfish boasts an innovative team that is capable of providing out-of-the-box content ideas to create unique and memorable campaigns.

The agency has been a popular choice for the industry in Mumbai, having worked with various F&B brands ranging from QSRs to bars and hotels. With years of experience and expertise in delivering successful ROI-driven and creative campaigns, Blowfish has established itself as a one-stop destination for all your digital and creative needs.

As the agency grows and expands its team, it wishes to shift its focus towards working with lifestyle, entertainment, and travel brands to create engaging and memorable content for them. Blowfish’s team of experts is well-equipped to handle every aspect of a campaign, from conception to execution. Their meticulous attention to detail ensures that every project is delivered with precision, professionalism, and creativity.Blowfish’s track record of delivering successful campaigns is a testament to their commitment to providing the best possible solutions to their clients. Their innovative and proactive approach ensures that their clients stay ahead of the curve and achieve their desired outcomes. With Blowfish, clients can rest assured that their digital and creative needs are in good hands.

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Challenges faced by Blowfish

Bank Reconciliation

Blowfish Digital, a leading agency in the industry based in Mumbai, India, faced a number of accounting management challenges that were hampering its growth and success. One of the main challenges was related to bank reconciliation, as the company was struggling to maintain an accurate record of its accounting transactions. This not only affected the accuracy of the company’s accounting reporting but also made it difficult to reconcile its bank statements, leading to confusion and delays in payment processing.

GST Issues

In addition, Blowfish Digital faced several GST-related issues. As the company worked with various F&B brands, it was important to comply with GST regulations. However, the company found it difficult to keep up with the constantly changing regulations, which resulted in penalties and affected its reputation as a compliant corporate citizen. This issue further complicated the accounting management of the company.

End to End Accounting

Blowfish Digital also faced challenges in streamlining its end-to-end accounting processes. The company found it difficult to manage its accounting transactions in a timely and accurate manner, which affected its ability to make informed decisions about its accounting future. The lack of streamlined accounting processes also made it difficult for the company to monitor its accounting performance and identify areas for improvement.


Lastly, Blowfish Digital had difficulties managing its FMS accounts. The company found it challenging to maintain accurate records of its expenses and revenues, which made it difficult to manage its cash flow effectively. The lack of a well-organized FMS system also made it difficult for the company to track its accounting performance and make strategic decisions.

All these accounting management challenges posed a significant threat to Blowfish Digital’s growth and success in the industry. It was imperative for the company to overcome these challenges to maintain its position as a leader in the industry and to position itself for long-term success.

Our Approach

Thorough Analysis and Tailored Solutions

Savage & Palmer conducted a thorough analysis of Blowfish Digital’s accounting management practices and identified areas for improvement. Working closely with the management team, they developed tailored solutions to address the company’s specific needs.

Automating Accounting Processes

To address Blowfish Digital’s challenges with bank reconciliation, Savage & Palmer implemented an automated accounting system. This led to improved accuracy in accounting reporting and easier compliance with tax regulations.

End-to-End Accounting Process

Savage & Palmer also implemented a robust end-to-end accounting process that ensured timely recording of accounting transactions. This helped Blowfish Digital make informed decisions and plan its accounting future effectively.

Accurate MIS Reporting

In addition, Savage & Palmer supported Blowfish Digital in generating accurate MIS reports that provided insights into the company’s accounting performance. This helped the company make informed decisions and identify areas for improvement.

Effective FMS Account Management

Savage & Palmer also assisted Blowfish Digital in managing its FMS accounts by setting up a well-organized system that ensured accurate recording of expenses and revenues. This helped the company manage its cash flow more effectively and make strategic decisions.

Long-Term Success

Overall, Savage & Palmer’s approach to supporting Blowfish Digital with its accounting problems was tailored and effective. By working closely with the management team and providing targeted solutions, Savage & Palmer helped Blowfish Digital overcome its accounting management challenges and position itself for long-term success in the Digital industry.

The Result

Savage & Palmer’s expert assistance helped Blowfish Digital overcome its accounting challenges and achieve greater efficiency and accuracy in its accounting management processes. The agency was able to focus on its core business activities, such as developing creative campaigns for clients, without worrying about accounting and compliance issues.

Our approach to addressing Blowfish Digital’s accounting problems was based on a comprehensive analysis of the agency’s accounting data and processes. The accounting experts at Savage & Palmer identified the root causes of the agency’s accounting challenges and developed customized solutions to address each issue.

To streamline end-to-end accounting, We implemented a cloud-based accounting system that allowed Blowfish Digital to manage its accounts more efficiently. This system facilitated easy bank reconciliation, enabled the agency to manage its accounts receivable and accounts payable more effectively, and helped it comply with GST regulations.Additionally, Savage & Palmer assisted Blowfish Digital in managing its FMS accounts, ensuring that the agency’s accounting data was accurate and up-to-date. The accounting experts also provided support in generating MIS reports that provided insights into the agency’s accounting performance, enabling the management team to make informed decisions about the agency’s future.

Overall, Our expert assistance enabled Blowfish Digital to improve its accounting management practices and position itself for long-term success. The agency was able to focus on its core business activities, secure in the knowledge that its accounting and accounting compliance needs were being taken care of by experienced professionals.

Thanks to Savage & Palmer’s support, the agency’s reputation as a reliable and innovative partner for businesses in the industry has continued to grow, and it is well-positioned to expand into new industries in the future.

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