Case study – Fixcraft


Fix Craft is a service based company that falls under the automotive repair category specifically for cars. They provide services like denting, painting, detailing, car wash and all other services that come under car repairing.
When they started out with us, the goal of the company was to stand out in the market and to be a well known brand and secondly, to get as many leads as possible. For the month of August 2022, their goal was to get 5000 enquiries from both Google and Facebook – and that is what we achieved.

Our main task was to run ads for them on both Google and Facebook where our target customers were basically anyone and everyone who owns a car, which is, basically at the same time, a bane and a boon – while car owners are enthusiastic spenders, it is really difficult to establish trust; they care about their vehicles more than you’d think.

They had a solid list of competitors – GoMechanic, GoBumpr, Windshield Experts, Get Pitstop, Pit Crew, etc. In fact, every vehicle repair establishment, from Raju Garage to the global giant 3M, was fighting over the same target market as they were.

Our KSM was simple – getting 5000 leads per month. However, in an intensely packed and competitive market, it was easier said than done.

Our Suggestions

It was very clear that the biggest challenge would be building brand awareness, not generating leads. So our strategy was simple – to run brand awareness campaigns in the initial phase and after building a small albeit loyal following, to then shift focus on sales and leads. This would be based on a lot of repeated retargeting. The client was also onboard with this plan and we decided to go ahead with it.

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Work we did for the brand

We helped the brand by creating specific campaigns for both awareness and then subsequently, sales. Also, these were divided into sub-campaigns for Facebook and Google, each optimised in terms of content and design as per what exactly works on the respective platforms.

Our strategy was based on walking the perfect line between their budget and the results they were expecting. This meant one thing – making sure that ads reached the most relevant of viewers and at the times they were consciously looking at their screens. Also, make no mistake – both campaigns, awareness and conversion, were always running. Our focus was on delicately balancing the budget and spend between the two objectives, based on
1. Real-time engagement levels and
2. Time the campaign had spent live

Out-of-scope suggestions

We gave them suggestions like

– Fixing the content on their main landing page from an SEO and keyword perspective, so that we could get a better SEO score.
– We helped them set up Google Analytics not only for the campaigns but also to track traffic from other platforms like the organic reach they were getting from other platforms.
– We also analysed customer behaviour using Hotjar, which helped them improve their website pathways and consumer journey on their website.


With some smart promotions, we helped them build

– A brand image in the crowded market and
– Getting more than the required number of leads as per the set key success matrix

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