Palatial Stays

A Vision
Palatial Stays was started by Aditi Mody and Simi Kumar with a vision to provide a boutique collection of luxury homes across India and abroad.
Equipped with luxury experiences and world class amenities, they stand out in the growing sector of homestays as the villas offer an unparalleled experience.
Smart digital marketing strategies used by Savage & Palmer
  • Finding the Right Audience:

    We spent days researching and trying to find the right target audience for the brand (age, income, city, interests) as the audience was very niche and the average household income was very high. Through optimization and A/B testing, we found the right target audience for the brand.

  • Marketing Flow:

    In order to get the best leads, we followed the whole AIDA marketing funnel approach where we started with brand awareness and ended with website conversions. Our team tried a combination of Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads with different types of creatives and communication on each ad campaign in order to identify winning combinations.

  • Creatives and Communication:

    We created very engaging and visually appealing video ads for all the properties to showcase their true beauty. This resulted in above-average CTR (15-25%) and improved the overall conversions.

Delivered an ROI of over 7x

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