Case study – Vigneto


What the company is

Vigneto has been a front-runner in the offline tableware industry for the past 15 years. They launched their online retail store in 2021. They’ve been upstarts in the tableware industry, selling premium coffee mugs, dinner sets, tea sets, snack sets, and dessert stands in huge numbers.

What they were expecting from us

Their goal was (and continues to be) to become THE MAIN HOUSEHOLD BRAND in the tableware industry, as well as to increase conversion (purchases) online. Their target customers are people who prefer high-quality products with great aesthetics compared to more affordable, plain options. Their competitors are Myborosil, Nestasia, The House of Things, and more. Their long-term goal was to get a ROAS (return on ad spend) of 6X.


Their problem was very evident—their presence was not well established. They had low follower numbers (which, in India, is equivalent to lower credibility). Also, more importantly, the landing pages across the website were not optimised for selling. This translated into low ROAS, which they hoped we would fix.

Initial Strategy

Our initial strategy plan was to target their existing audiences on social media to give the account some continual traction.

We also built an “audience profile” based on the current audience insights that Meta Business Suite provided. Subsequent to that, we created a “lookalike audience” profile on all other platforms and then started targeting them.

Both of these strategies worked, and the ROAS started showing an uptick. It was definitely not enough to reach our ROAS targets, but at the same time, it was a very important step in understanding how the audience demographics work for this category, which then led us to build complete selling strategies for specific product lines.

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What Savage & Palmer did

From the first set of ad conversions, we got further insight on what kind of people were buying our products. This helped us further narrow our target audience—and then double down on this specific set of people.

At the same time, we were also running pilot campaigns targeting never-before-touched audience segments. After all, there was only a limited number of people we could reach with our original set—we would need to expand if we were to become the “household brand” that they dreamed of being. Here, targeting was very, very articulate—to make sure that every rupee spent was as relevant as it could be.

Suggestions from our side

We gave the clients a list of suggestions that included, but were not limited to:
– Developing high-quality creatives, including putting some cash behind getting well-produced photoshoots done.
– Making vital changes to landing pages that optimised the consumer journey—for example, if a lot of people were leaving items in their carts and not going forward with the purchase, why? What steps could be taken to make the process from “add to cart” to “confirm purchase” simpler and more convenient?
– Creating long-term offer plans for the holiday season while also providing discounts to loyal customers.


We managed to help the company grow radically in terms of raw numbers. Also, coming to ROAS, while our target was achieving 6x, we were able to provide the client with an average of 8x ROAS, on occasion going even as high as 15x with some campaigns.

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