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Digital Marketing

Creating your brand and targeting your customers on online channels is often difficult for businesses with the increasing competition!

Let the digital marketing experts help you create your presence.

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Social Media Marketing

Your social media channels are your 24*7 sales people. Constantly posting and keeping it clean is a must to drive growth.

Let us beautify and handle all your social media channels so that your customers see the true beauty of your products and services.

Social Media Advertising

Your organic posts will get very little traction unless they are boosted/promoted on Google, Instagram,and Facebook.

Today content distribution is more important than content creation. Our SEM experts understand the science to online marketing and are razor-focused on generating a positive return on investment for our clients.

Search Engine Optimization

68% of internet users click on one of the first 3 search results – if your website is not ranking in the top 3, you’re losing potential business.

Our monthly SEO package is designed to improve your website ranking in just 3 to 6 months with on-page and off-page optimizations as well as data-driven reporting and actionable insights.

Website Designing

Building a well structured website boosts your brand and helps you increase conversions

We help you ideate & design high converting websites, using state of the art tools to streamline the entire process from design to development.

client testimonials
When we started working with Savage & Palmer, we appointed a 1 man team; however, as we've grown, they have seamlessly scaled up with us to a team of 8 in Accounts and Finance. They've taken full ownership & reduced our task of hiring, training, induction, employee engagement, and retention for the Accounts team. Their highly professional team has streamlined the entire accounts process for us.

Mohit Jain

Head E-Commerce, MCaffeine

My expertise lies in growing my business & networking. Finance & compliance is not my cup of tea. This is where Savage & Palmer has been of great help. Their experts have advised me on valuation, investment & incorporation of entities in India and overseas. Their regular MIS reports help me have a clear picture of my books of accounts, and this has helped me grow exponentially

Vikesh Shah

Co-Founder, 99 Pancakes

It was a pleasure working with Savage & Palmer for Sweetish House Mafia’s support functions. The team of young professionals is very prompt in responding to my queries and has a hands
on approach.

Akash Sethi

Partner, Sweetish House Mafia

Being one of the first clients who signed on with Savage & Palmer, we are so proud to be part of this family. The entire team of Savage & Palmer has been extremely helpful, attentive and responsive at all times. We have stopped worrying about streamlining our accounts because they have taken it over so seamlessly from us. From the initial months to now, their level of involvement has remained the same.

Jankee Desai

Partner, FancyPants

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I don’t know what specific service I need. Can you guide me?

Definitely, our clients typically come to us with a single problem – how to increase their sales. Our Digital Marketing team advises clients on what specific service they should take to achieve their goals. This is dependent on the nature of the business and the target audience.

How does SEO work? 

For SEO, we need to understand your brand and the customer or audience you are looking to target. Then, we have to check if the website is appropriately structured to handle the traffic coming onto it and how easy it gets for people to navigate through the site. After considering the website and target audience, our experts will use different strategies to help you rank better on Google and drive more organic traffic to your site.

How does SEM work? 

We first understand the brand, the target customer, the price range of the product or service, the competitors, and a few other key metrics in place today. Our SEM team then creates a strategy to communicate your brand’s story to potential customers on Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, and other similar channels. This strategy is then deployed to reach your target audience, drive traffic to your website/e-commerce store and help increase sales.

Will you help me with the budget? I don’t know how much I must spend?

Yes, we can help you out after understanding the outcome you are looking for since digital marketing is a result-oriented service. Once we understand the average ticket size and the monthly sales you are targetting, we can help recommend a monthly budget for your ads.

Do I need a website before starting the marketing services?

If you have one, then it’s good, but in case you don’t, we can help you with our Website development services. 

How soon will I see the results?

Ideally, marketing is a long-term activity – while it is equally essential for us to ensure that you see results as soon as possible. Our clients typically see results in the first 3-4 months. Being regular and continuing your marketing activities helps your brand get bigger over a longer period.

What are the charges of your digital marketing services?

All services are customised to meet the needs of your brand. To understand the charges, sign up below, and our team will schedule a call with you shortly and help you with the same.

other services

Accounting & Tax

Let’s be honest here – when it comes to Accounts & Taxes, complicated formulas and excel sheets are on your mind. Your prime focus should not be to handle back-end activities but to GROW YOUR BUSINESS. Stay free from the hassles of managing your Accounts by bringing on our expert solutions, tailor-made for you.

Debtor Collection

Tired of chasing clients for payments? That’s why experts like us exist – to get your money faster. Say goodbye to awkward followups and say hello to faster collections!


Finding the right candidate is crucial for the success of your business. With our recruitment specialists and rigorous hiring process, we help you find that perfect candidate.

Payroll Management

Automate your payroll and optimize your HR team with our end-to-end Payroll and HR app! Never worry about checking leaves and other employee related compliances ever again.