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For Entrepreneurs spending more than Rs. 10,000 per month on Google, Facebook and Instagram ads

Do you want to grow your sales by 5x – 10x in the next 3 months?

We’ve managed a total of Rs. 3.5 Cr. in ad spend and generated Rs. 8.75 Cr. worth of sales!

Here’s a sneak peek into some of our work…

If you’ve run ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram in the past, you’ve probably faced one or more of the following problems

  • Your ROAS is dropping when you increase your marketing spend
  • Your leads are high in volume but low in relevancy
  • You’re getting clicks but low or no conversions on your website
  • You’re unable to get more than 30%-40% impression share on your Google ads
  • Your cost per lead/conversion was low but then started increasing

Here’s why you need to come work with us

  • Understanding your Brand Ethos : Your brand is your blood sweat and tears. We painstakingly understand your brand ethos in order to market it to the right people in the right manner
  • Ideal Customer Persona : We take great pains to understand and mutually define the ideal customer persona which helps ensure the right segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • Analyzing Competition : It’s important to know who all are gunning for your customer. We constantly analyze your competitors and their movements to stay one step ahead of the curve
  • Effectively Communicating your USPs : To leave a lasting impression on your customer, we help create smart, innovative campaigns with effective messaging and great copy
  • Funneling down AIDA : It takes numerous touch points to convert a prospect to a customer. We’ve mastered the AIDA funnel framework to improve your chances of converting leads
  • Data driven approach : Our Performance Marketing team is extremely analytical and focuses on making data driven decisions to ensure your campaign performance
  • Relentless Optimization : We’re obsessed with bringing down your costs and improving your ROI and we do that through relentless optimizations of your campaigns and landing pages
  • Sales Guidance : For lead-generation campaigns, it is important to nurture leads once they are in the system and our team of experts is always ready to guide you on best practices

Here’s how our clients have benefited from our service

  1. A e-commerce footwear brand saw an increase in ROAS of 88% in just 4 months
  2. A dental care specialist saw an ROAS of 5x which is significantly higher than industry standards
  3. An ed-tech client saw a reduced cost per lead from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 20. That’s a whopping 98%!
  4. An industrial products distributor received an ROAS of 6.85 which is significantly higher than industry standards

Bring the experts onboard to help you grow your business.

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