Exmar Ship Management

About Exmar Ship Management
Exmar Ship Management, India, is the Indian Subsidiary of Exmar Shipmanagement NV which is based in Belgium. Exmar Shipmanagement NV provides management services for a range of vessels such as gas carriers, oil tankers, bulk carriers, container vessels, and floating units. The Company also offers additional services including procurement services, technical and marine consultancy as well as assistance, sale and purchase inspection, and plan approval services.
Before Savage & Palmer
Prior to the organisation’s association with Savage & Palmer, its books of accounts were handled by in-house employees and in complete disarray.
What does Exmar like most about working with Savage & Palmer
Exmar Ship Management appreciates the experience, knowledge and professionalism of the team at Savage & Palmer. Savage & Palmer’s streamlined process with the ability to generate monthly and quarterly reports with accuracy is one of the service aspects that Exmar Ship Management has been particularly appreciative of.
What was the end result of the association between Exmar and Savage and Palmer?
Via the accounting services offered, Savage & Palmer helped Exmar Ship Management clean up its book of accounts, enabling them to focus more on their core business activities.

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