How LinkedIn Is Gearing Up To Become The Next Big Marketing Platform.

by | 27 Jun 2022 | Business & Strategy, Information

There are so many social media platforms but LinkedIn, being a professional network, is most popular amongst businesses. LinkedIn presently has over 55 million registered companies and about 740 million members. The platform is used by 40% of LinkedIn members on a daily basis, with over 1 billion interactions every month.

In 2021, LinkedIn’s ads business brought in more than $3 billion in revenue. Whether you are marketing for increased brand reach or engagement, LinkedIn is just so perfect.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, LinkedIn has a business-minded community that enables precise targeting. Moreover, with around 2.9 million groups including industries, universities, and intellectual communities, LinkedIn can drive 2x higher conversions than standard marketing techniques.
Wondering why you should lean on LinkedIn? Or, how to start marketing on LinkedIn? Here’s how LinkedIn helps businesses by establishing connections and building partnerships.

Here’s how you can build a great user base and boost user engagement with LinkedIn marketing.

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful and result-driven marketing platforms for B2B and B2C marketers. Building a network with business professionals and showcasing your products and services thereon works well, especially for B2B lead generation.

LinkedIn was initially designed to connect and expand users’ reach with other professionals. So, it naturally attracts and draws the interest of the business-minded community, making it an ideal platform for B2B marketing.

If you are planning to use Linkedin as a platform to build your audience and bring in business, here are a few pointers on how you can achieve better engagement and grow followers for your business.

We have broken down connecting through LinkedIn into 4 different sections that will help you boost the credibility of your profile and business page. 

  • Build a LinkedIn messaging strategy to reach you target audience efficiently

With LinkedIn Messaging, you can chat with other LinkedIn members who are connected to you. LinkedIn messaging has a far greater ROI than other traditional types of marketing, such as running advertising, as long as the message is well-crafted, spelled correctly, and positioned to hit home.

To double your efforts, learn how to develop a successful LinkedIn message plan.

  1. Look for things you and the prospect have in common.
  2. Look for mutual connections.
  3. Personalise your LinkedIn Engagement texts.
  4. Keep track of each lead and follow up on it.

Secret tip: To tailor your communications, use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to conduct a search based on job title, geography, and industry on LinkedIn’s entire network!

  • Engage with like-minded professionals with constant posting and sharing

Sharing anything related to the company’s operations will not only help you expand your personal networks, but will also help you establish yourself as an industry expert. Showing up in your connections’ feeds on a regular basis will bring your company to the forefront of their minds when they are looking for new chances or guidance.

Start by providing relevant content, including your ideas and opinions on the subject, to establish yourself as an industry authority figure. An article you produced, a post about an award the company received, or a post about an event you attended, are all examples of how to share corporate content and establish a reputation as an industry thought leader.

  • Join groups and boost reach by engaging group members

Having an active LinkedIn Group as a business can help you connect with your consumers. A brand establishes a place for its consumers and audiences to connect by creating a LinkedIn Group. This allows businesses to reach out to a specific group of industry leaders and build genuine relationships with them.

Joining and participating in groups can significantly improve your brand’s identity and online reputation. To begin connecting with posts and members, look for groups that are relevant to your sector. You can start sharing your brand’s content and developing credibility once you’ve established a name for yourself by engaging with the community.

  • Comment and share others’ content to create an impression

What’s a LinkedIn superpower? Comments. Commenting allows you to rule the algorithm, and there’s no doubt that they’re superior to likes and shares combined.

“Comments provide more information than likes and re-shares, and they also encourage interaction. This is why so many successful authors ask a question at the end of their articles. They realise how critical it is to start a debate.”

However, all three are critical to broaden your marketing horizons. We certainly push our team to like, share and comment on any LinkedIn content that we’re promoting.

How to optimise your linkedin profile for maximum exposure?

As a digital marketing agency, we recommend LinkedIn for small business owners, startups, and innovators to build trust and get quality leads. While many social networking sites like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook support digital marketing, LinkedIn stands out with its own values.

There have been many surveys on the best B2B marketing platforms, and LinkedIn remains No. 1. If you want to be number one, the first step is to design and optimise your LinkedIn profile to attract high-quality leads and build an effective inbound lead generation network. 

The Featured section of your LinkedIn profile is a new feature that allows you to highlight work samples that you’re particularly proud of. You can include posts you’ve written or re-shared, LinkedIn articles you’ve written, and even external media such as documents and your website links. Further, updating your Skills, asking people to endorse those skills, as well as requesting recommendations, can help your profile’s credibility skyrocket. 

  • Use high-quality profile picture

In the online world, we are all limited to digital-only conversations. Because first impressions count, having a high-quality profile picture is likely to strengthen your impression. Here are some quick tips for choosing a winning profile picture for LinkedIn.

  • Use high-resolution pictures
  • Cover 60% of the frame with your face/brand logo
  • Better use infographics 
  • Use relevant and high volume keywords

Just like with search engines, Keywords play a crucial role in making your profile more searchable. You can make your digital profile more searchable and approachable with the right keywords. Use these tips to ensure better keyword placement.

  • Mention industry-specific keywords
  • Highlight specific experience
  • Use services as keywords
  • Be creative with headings & description

If you want to build a solid network and a unique brand image, you need to be creative and kinda quirky with your headings. Just play around with the platform, change your profile heading often to make people feel your activeness. Here’s how to generate catchy headings.

  • Use call to action words
  • Be clear about your thoughts
  • Use phrases to drive emotion
  • Be active on LinkedIn groups and communities

Businesses are actively looking for companies with a proven history of transformation and value enhancement in their field. So, no matter what field you are in, people are more likely to engage with you based on your activeness. Here are a few things you can try.

  • Share research papers and reports
  • Connect with clients and internal team members
  • Follow and comment actively
  • Showcase your unique selling points

Inadequate or irrelevant information is the last thing you would show to your readers. When talking about building a reputable online presence, your expertise will back up your progress and success. Here is how to add value to your profile.

  • Add key data about your company
  • Talk about top clients
  • Showcase your achievements

Building a LinkedIn B2B strategy? Use LinkedIn ads to fuel growth

When searching for B2B leads, there is no better place than LinkedIn. Why so? Because it has the largest professional network with over 75 million senior-level executives.

Even when you need B2C leads, LinkedIn comes in handy to increase your visitor-to-leads and conversion rate. There are plenty of ways to engage and reach your audience, but we are sharing some tested and proven tricks to do this smoothly.

First things first: LinkedIn ads work great

LinkedIn is arguably one of the best tools for paid marketing if used properly. The most important thing is to do R&D and target ads wisely. It helps deliver a personalised experience.

Simply maintain your creatives on point and strike the target with your clever words; this is the key to getting the most out of LinkedIn Ads.

  • Use creative media for big impact

Although LinkedIn is a professional platform, they too love creative graphics. Just come up with unique, appealing and engaging high-quality designs, and that’s all.

  • Track and improve your efforts with analytic data

Finally, it is important to monitor and make improvements when building any marketing strategy. LinkedIn has built-in analytic tools that simplify it for you.

Want to grow with LinkedIn? Savage and Palmer can help

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for lead generation that helps with qualified leads from a relevant audience. However, advertising on LI can be difficult. Savage and Palmer can help you curate a dynamic and business-driven LinkedIn strategy. Connect with us to know more, or learn how to build a LinkedIn profile that boosts your growth.

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