How to Attract Businesses with Local SEO?

by | 27 Jun 2022 | Sales & Marketing

You might be curious to know what a local SEO can do to attract new business opportunities. But, before moving to the discussion, it is vital to understand what a Local SEO is and why it is crucial for your business. 

What is Local SEO? 

Local Search Engine Optimisation is a set of practices to optimise your business website to enhance brand awareness, drive more and more traffic towards the website, and generate leads from local searches. Moreover, an online website that is optimised with local SEO can help businesses promote their services and product to potential customers in their locality. Most of the search engines are designed in a way that they can collect and display information in response to local searches. This information may include local content, directories, links, business profile pages, social media pages, citations, and much more.   

What is Local Search?

We’d start this discussion by highlighting some facts about local searches.

  • A study conducted by Google indicates that around 46 percent of searches include local queries. 
  • Nearly half of the customers who perform a local search visit the store between 24-48 hours.
  • Approximately 18% of those who visit stores are likely to purchase on the same day.

Knowing that the benefits of incorporating a local search strategy are manifold, let’s get more insights into “Local Search“. 

Simply put, a local search is a query that aims to find a product within specific demographic regions. For instance, “best restaurants in NYC,” “best men watches in Florida”, and more.

Local searches are performed to seek information about a product. These searches are often driven by an intention to purchase. Local business directories like Yellow Pages used to serve as Local Searches traditionally. 

We hope you will be clear about local searches now. Local search engine optimisation (local SEO) is a practice to strengthen businesses’ online presence with a local presence.

Since local searches are typically performed to purchase, they can help drive customers and increase sales. Let’s get more insights into the significance of local SEO. How it works, and what benefits it might have on your local business.

The Importance of Local SEO

Local SEO enables you to drive more and more queries for your business or services, even if you don’t have a website. As these queries are from potential users or customers who are particularly looking for products and services similar to what you are offering, the chances are high that these queries will lead to sales. 

The search engines provide links, contact details, or information allied with local physical stores in response to local search intents. Moreover, the local SEO can effectively manipulate the customer’s decisions if they have sufficient relevant information about your business. The more information about your business is available on the web; the more likely potential customers will trust your company. 

The search engines primarily respond against a local search in the local pack, also known as Snack Pack. This pack typically includes the top 3 results which are the most relevant to the user’s query. Most users prefer to click on these top three results shown on the snack pack. Therefore, if your business appears among the top three in the list, there are ample chances that you would get good company leads in that particular business or service category. 

You can enlist your business in Google’s ‘Business Directory’, where you can display vital information allied with your company, including contact number, address, and opening time. 

Attracting Businesses With Local SEO 

Suppose you have a good and effective local SEO strategy. In that case, you can utilise it to attract businesses keen to promote their product or services in a specific area. You can create a business directory that is able to attract a good amount of traffic. But, before moving ahead on discussion, let’s talk about business directories.

What Is A Local Business Directory? 

A business directory is an online place where businesses are listed or registered with their contact details and other information, and this list is organised by category or kind. These directories compile and display vital information about the business included in the directory in an easy-to-understand style. Business directories aim to give users the information that they need to contact, locate, and interact with companies.

How Your Business Directory Can Help Local Businesses? 

Utilise the best proven local SEO practices to generate efficient traffic towards your directory and make sure it gets a large number of visitors daily. You can promote it as a display board where local businesses can showcase their business, services, and products to grab potential customers. 

Moreover, there are a few factors you need to ensure that – 

  • Many businesses can’t afford a website; you can help them by showing their business on top local search results and providing them with a space to update their contact information. 
  • Provide them complete control over their business information to update and edit from time to time. 
  • Allow business owners to monitor their business profile performance and make adjustments to improve it. 
  • Design your business directory so that consumers can find local businesses based on keywords, names, services or products.
  • Make sure customers can see a complete ‘index of businesses by their business category.
  • If you can continue with a rock-solid yet effective local SEO strategy, you can monetise your business directory with premium placements.
  • With your extensive business directory having a well-known domain name, local businesses have the chance to display in top search results.

Final Thoughts 

 A business directory provides free exposure for businesses, increases brand awareness, and exposes companies to a larger audience using different practices of local SEO. Business directories offer a low-cost and effective alternative to reach potential customers, saving businesses from spending money on expensive marketing and advertising campaigns. Therefore, promote your directory as an e-display board where local companies can display their offerings, contact details and other essential information.

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