How To Create A Landing Page That Converts

by | 27 Jun 2022 | Business & Strategy, Sales & Marketing

How To Create A Landing Page That Converts

No matter what you intend to achieve through your online marketing campaign, one thing is sure- you need a landing page if you want to boost conversions.

The landing page is a crucial element that can turn casual visitors on your website into your loyal customer. Most of the time you can increase the conversion rate with only a few easy tweaks. It is always a smart thing to do to invest time and effort into optimizing your landing pages.

Let’s take a look at what a landing page is and how to use it to enhance conversions.

Landing pages are an integral part of your online marketing efforts. A landing page that is compatible with all types of devices can work wonders in terms of persuading customers to respond positively to the CTA (Call to Action) – whether it is an invitation to sign up for a newsletter, download an eBook, or purchase a product.

Understanding Landing Page

A landing page on your website is where you convert a visitor into a lead. This is the page where an interested user sees the most relevant information about the product or service. It is a uniquely designed page where you can optimize your user experience so as to boost conversions. And the best part- it can be designed for one particular product or service to first hook the customers in.

For example, let’s assume that John saw a great ad and decided to click on it since it solved a problem.

John clicks on the link out of curiosity and is directed to a one-page website that informs him all he needs to know about the product or service, including client testimonials, every detail about the product or service with the best images and videos, and a lead form. Isn’t he more willing to convert?

A landing page, unlike a homepage or other site pages, serves a specific function that encourages visitors to convert. People are encouraged to explore through homepages. Wherein a landing page invites them to respond to your call to action (CTA) by sharing their information.

Calculating The Conversion Rate

Calculating the conversion rate of your landing page is easy- You’ll just need to keep track of three metrics:

  • A specific time range, such as a 15-day or 30-day window
  • Total number of visitors to the landing page within this specified period
  • Total conversions during the time range

To calculate the conversion rate of your landing page- Subtract the number of conversions from your total visitors in a specific time range and get a percentage by multiplying the answer by 100.

Boost Conversions On Your Landing Page

Paying attention to little details helps

Although everyone uses landing pages, not everyone knows how to make a great one, making it difficult to stand apart.

Pay close attention to the details on your landing page if you want to increase conversions. Consider high-quality images, the value of your service, a clean and appealing design, unique words, and a dash of originality.

Keep in mind that the landing page will be integrated into the website, therefore it must adhere to the brand’s design guidelines.

Hero section with quality titles and subtitles

According to the Nielsen Norman Group, a user takes about 10 to 20 seconds to decide whether or not to continue with a web page. To sell your product or service, you must keep visitors on the landing page long enough for them to be interested in trying it out. The hero section of a landing page is the most important section.

It is the first section of a website that communicates with visitors. It is important that the product or service offering is clearly and succinctly communicated in the hero section with quality titles and subtitles. It’s also where you can make a big aesthetic impact, pique the visitor’s curiosity, and persuade them to continue his activity.

The hero section image is crucial to the landing page’s success. It’s by far the most effective technique to make a positive first impression, one that will stay long enough in people’s thoughts to remind them of a positive user experience and inspire them to spread the word. A product shot, a snapshot of a person using the product, an illustration or animation explaining how the product works, or an image showcasing the result of using the product, such as a clean and organized desk or workplace, are all examples of hero images.

Build credentials with customer testimonials

We say it- social proof- people copying other’s behavior in a specific setting.

In other words, you’re encouraging potential clients, “Don’t just take our word for it; hear what our happy customers have to say.” This is a vital aspect to include on your landing pages. Including more videos than just textual testimonies and showing them right after the hero section, rather than at the conclusion, would be a terrific way to keep the audience interested.

Communicate with visuals and video content

The promise is loud and clear here- use your best photo or video as the landing page’s primary image.

In most cases, that will be sufficient. If you’re promoting a physical product, don’t be afraid to include a more extensive gallery that shows how the thing is used, different angles, colors, and models. Or, better yet, a video presentation that explains everything.

Make your landing page SEO-friendly

Because landing pages only include brief phrases, they are sometimes overlooked in online SEO strategies. Look into the keywords that can help you get more traffic and work on reducing the load time of your landing page. One of the great strategies would be to identify keywords specifically for the landing page to drive searches there as well.

Include the title’s keywords, the URL, and any other relevant locations (at the beginning, in the subtitles, in the alt of the images, in bold and anchor texts …). Make an effort to obtain high-quality links and visits from social media sites.

Uniquely designed CTA

You need to make your landing page simple and easy for your customer to leave their information and click on your form or buttons if you want to increase conversions.

The forms must adapt to the needs of each landing page- sometimes all we need is the user’s email address, and other times we’ll need more information to qualify the lead. Look for a color, font size, and typography that stands out from the crowd.

The most crucial thing about the call to action button is that it looks like a button and that it is easily visible. You can experiment with different calls to action instead of “Buy” or “Download,” such as “Yes, I’m interested”.

Design simplicity

When it comes to landing page design, less is more. When you first arrive at the landing page, it should be apparent what the offer is and what value it provides.

Concise sentences, white space, and a minimalist design are your best bet. Remove all non-essential elements from the page, such as the general navigation menus.

Summing It Up

When your landing page is ready, put it to the test by showing it to your friend or colleague who isn’t in your industry and ask them questions. Do they have a clear understanding of what the offer is all about and how to receive it? You’ll have to reconsider your design if this isn’t the case.

But that’s not all: after you’ve got a good landing page, keep doing A/B testing on different aspects like the call to action, buttons, colors, and sizes. Gradually, you’ll get closer to the landing page that converts beyond your expectation.

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