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About Mihir

Mihir Lunia is a busy entrepreneur and co-founder of Brego Land, a company that provides innovative and sustainable land solutions. Like many entrepreneurs, Mihir understands the importance of maintaining an up-to-date LinkedIn profile and building quality connections in his industry. However, with a busy schedule, it can be difficult for him to find the time to dedicate to these tasks.

To ensure that Mihir’s LinkedIn profile is always up-to-date and that he is building meaningful connections, Brego Land has put together a dedicated team that handles these tasks on his behalf. This team carefully profiles all of the connection requests that come through Mihir’s LinkedIn account and prioritizes those that are most relevant and interesting to him.

Building quality connections is not just about adding as many people to your network as possible. It is also about ensuring that those connections are meaningful and can provide value in some way. This is why the team at Brego Land takes the time to carefully review each connection request and assess whether the person behind the request is someone who can provide value to Mihir or his company.

In addition to building connections, the team also ensures that Mihir’s LinkedIn profile is always up-to-date with the latest information about his professional experience and accomplishments. This includes updating his job title, adding new skills and endorsements, and showcasing any awards or recognition that he has received.

By taking care of these tasks for Mihir, the team at Brego Land allows him to focus on what he does best – leading his company and driving growth. With a dedicated team handling his LinkedIn profile and connection building, Mihir can rest assured that he is building a strong professional network and staying top-of-mind in his industry, without sacrificing valuable time and energy.

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In conclusion, as an entrepreneur, Mihir Lunia understands the importance of building a strong professional network and maintaining an up-to-date LinkedIn profile. However, with a busy schedule, it can be challenging to find the time to dedicate to these tasks. Fortunately, Brego Land has put together a dedicated team that handles these tasks on his behalf, ensuring that his LinkedIn profile is always up-to-date and that he is building meaningful connections in his industry. This allows Mihir to focus on what he does best, driving growth and innovation at his company.

Challenges faced by Mihir

Mihir, like many business owners, faced a significant challenge in building his brand on LinkedIn. One of the main difficulties he encountered was the inability to capture the attention of his target audience. Despite having a presence on the platform, he was not attracting the right people to his business. As a result, he struggled to build a strong brand image, and his efforts were not translating into meaningful results.One of the reasons why Mihir was facing these challenges is that he did not have a clear understanding of his target audience. He had not identified the specific people or companies he wanted to attract, and as a result, his content was not resonating with the right people. Without a clear understanding of his target audience, Mihir was unable to create a brand message that would appeal to the people he wanted to reach.

Another challenge that Mihir faced was the lack of engagement on his posts. Even when he did manage to attract some attention, his posts did not generate the level of engagement he was hoping for. This was partly because he did not have a consistent posting schedule and was not sharing content that was relevant to his audience. As a result, his followers were not actively engaging with his posts, and his efforts to build a strong brand image were falling flat.

Additionally, Mihir was not actively engaging with other users on LinkedIn. He did not regularly comment on or share other users’ content, which limited his visibility on the platform. Without engaging with other users, Mihir was missing out on opportunities to build relationships and attract new followers to his business.

Our Approach

When Savage & Palmer started working with Mihir, the first step was to understand his personality and business goals. It was clear that Mihir was a determined entrepreneur who was passionate about his business and eager to grow it for the long term. Therefore, the focus was on creating a strategy that aligned with Mihir’s personality and goals.

One of the primary challenges that Mihir faced was the inability to attract the attention of his clients on LinkedIn. This resulted in a lack of engagement on his profile and hindered his efforts to build his brand. To overcome this challenge, Savage & Palmer created a content strategy that would boost Mihir’s visibility on the platform.

The content strategy involved creating a content bucket, which is essentially a list of topics and themes that would be used to guide the content creation process. The content bucket was created based on Mihir’s business goals, target audience, and areas of expertise. It was designed to showcase Mihir’s knowledge and expertise, and provide value to his followers on LinkedIn.Once the content bucket was created, Savage & Palmer worked with Mihir to create a content calendar. This involved identifying the best times and days to post, as well as the types of content that would be most effective. The content calendar was designed to ensure that Mihir’s profile was consistently active and engaging, which would help to attract more followers and increase engagement.

In addition to creating a https://savagepalmer.com/linkedin-marketing-agency-in-mumbai/content strategy, Savage & Palmer also advised Mihir on the importance of engaging with other users’ content. This involved liking, commenting, and sharing content that was relevant to Mihir’s business and target audience. By engaging with other users’ content, Mihir was able to build relationships with other professionals in his industry and increase his visibility on the platform.Another key aspect of the strategy was to optimize Mihir’s profile to make it more appealing to his target audience. This involved updating his profile picture and headline, as well as optimizing his summary and experience sections to highlight his expertise and achievements.

Through the implementation of this strategy, Mihir was able to overcome the challenges he faced on LinkedIn and boost his brand building efforts. His profile started to attract more attention, and he was able to increase engagement and connect with more people in his industry. As a result, Mihir was able to position himself as a thought leader in his field and attract more business opportunities.Overall, by taking a strategic approach and creating a content strategy that was aligned with Mihir’s personality and goals, Savage & Palmer was able to help him overcome the challenges he faced on LinkedIn. Through the implementation of the strategy, Mihir was able to boost his visibility on the platform and build his brand, which has helped him to grow his business for the long term.

The Result

At our agency, we strongly believe in putting the client first and working diligently to help them achieve their goals. When we began working with Mihir, we took the time to understand his personality, work style, and long-term vision for his business. We learned that he was a driven individual who was committed to investing in his business for the long haul.

One of the biggest challenges Mihir faced was building his LinkedIn profile and increasing his visibility on the platform. He struggled to capture the attention of potential clients and attract new people to his business. We recognized that content creation would be key in tackling this challenge and began by creating a content bucket that aligned with Mihir’s brand message and resonated with his target audience.

We worked closely with Mihir to develop a strategic approach to his LinkedIn presence that included regular posting and engagement with other users’ content. We helped him to create a consistent brand message that reflected his unique personality and value proposition. We also advised him on best practices for engaging with other users on the platform, such as liking and commenting on posts that aligned with his brand message.

Over time, we began to see a significant increase in engagement on Mihir’s LinkedIn profile. He was receiving more likes, comments, and shares on his posts, which indicated that his content was resonating with his target audience. Additionally, he was able to connect with more influential people in his industry, which helped to expand his network and increase his visibility even further.

Through our guidance and support, Mihir was able to overcome the challenges he faced on LinkedIn and achieve his goals of building a strong brand presence and attracting new clients to his business. He was thrilled to see that his efforts were paying off and that he was making progress towards his long-term vision.

At our agency, we pride ourselves on putting the client first and delivering results that exceed their expectations. We believe that our success is directly tied to our clients’ success, and we work tirelessly to ensure that we are always delivering value and driving growth. With Mihir, we were able to demonstrate our commitment to his success and help him achieve his goals on LinkedIn.

Overall, we are extremely pleased with the progress that Mihir has made on LinkedIn and look forward to continuing to support him in his journey. We believe that he has the potential to achieve great things in his business and we are proud to be a part of his success story.

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