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My Eco Tribe

About My Eco Tribe:

My Eco Tribe is a family-run business committed to sustainability in every form. The business works to find eco-friendly alternatives for everyday products – and its goal is to help its customers do the same. The marketplaces of today are chock-full of products that perpetuate waste and harm the environment. My Eco Tribe has scoured these markets and found the best environment-friendly alternatives that we can use as individuals to create a positive impact on the planet.

Before Savage & Palmer:

Before My Eco Tiribe’s association with Savage & Palmer, the family-run business had virtually no formalised system for accounting/bookkeeping in place. Further, My Eco Tribe is an e-commerce business that acts as an aggregator, organising multiple offers from competing vendors and selling them to its buyers through its web platform. Accordingly, they required an accounting firm that understood the subtleties of their business and could manage their books of accounts accordingly. 

What did My Eco Tribe’s team love about working with Savage & Palmer?

My Eco Tribe has conveyed their extreme satisfaction with the services provided by Savage & Palmer, and has intimated its willingness to recommend this service to other entrepreneurs. In specific, My Eco Tribe was appreciative of the diverse range of skill sets and levels of experience they were able to access through their association with Savage & Palmer.

What was the end result of the association between My Eco Tribe and Savage and Palmer?

My Eco Tribe now has their books of accounts in order and their tax returns filed in a timely manner. They also receive comprehensive monthly MIS reports for their review. The efficient organisation of the business’s books of accounts enables them to focus on their core business activities and growth.

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