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Fully Managed Service

Handling your accounts couldn’t get easier – just handover all your data to us and let us handle our book-keeping, tax filings and give you reports to track your company’s financials!

Review & Reporting

Have a team of accountants but spend a lot of time reviewing their work? Let us have our team of Accounts Managers review your books for you monthly. As an added bonus we will also handle all your tax filings and reports!


Constant attrition in your accounts departments holding you down? We’ve got your back! With our staffing solution we worry about giving you the right candidate to handle your work while you focus on growing.

client testimonials
When we started working with Savage & Palmer, we appointed a 1 man team; however, as we've grown, they have seamlessly scaled up with us to a team of 8 in Accounts and Finance. They've taken full ownership & reduced our task of hiring, training, induction, employee engagement, and retention for the Accounts team. Their highly professional team has streamlined the entire accounts process for us.

Mohit Jain

Head E-Commerce, MCaffeine

My expertise lies in growing my business & networking. Finance & compliance is not my cup of tea. This is where Savage & Palmer has been of great help. Their experts have advised me on valuation, investment & incorporation of entities in India and overseas. Their regular MIS reports help me have a clear picture of my books of accounts, and this has helped me grow exponentially

Vikesh Shah

Co-Founder, 99 Pancakes

It was a pleasure working with Savage & Palmer for Sweetish House Mafia’s support functions. The team of young professionals is very prompt in responding to my queries and has a hands
on approach.

Akash Sethi

Partner, Sweetish House Mafia

Being one of the first clients who signed on with Savage & Palmer, we are so proud to be part of this family. The entire team of Savage & Palmer has been extremely helpful, attentive and responsive at all times. We have stopped worrying about streamlining our accounts because they have taken it over so seamlessly from us. From the initial months to now, their level of involvement has remained the same.

Jankee Desai

Partner, FancyPants

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What are the different models of accounting services you offer?

  • Fully Managed Service (FMS): There will be a 2 layered team given to you. The first layer will be an Accounts Executive who will be helping you out with your Data Entry and Bank Reconciliation. The second layer will be an Accounts Manager who will review the books of accounts, and once satisfied, will proceed with your tax filings and give you your monthly MIS Reports.
  • Review and Reporting (RR): This is an ideal model when you have an existing accounts team and need someone to review the books to ensure the quality. A remote Accounts Manager will be reviewing the work of your team, file your taxes and give you monthly MIS Reports.
  • Professional Staffing: If you already have a full-fledged team and need an additional resource without having to go through the hassle of hiring and training, then Professional Staffing is something that we could help you out with.

How are you better than a CA firm?

  1. We don’t have a very traditional approach and are extremely customer-centric
  2. CA firms are more focused on tax filings and audit hence do not focus on maintaining your books and data entry
  3. We share reports with our clients on a monthly basis so that they have full visibility over their finances
  4. We ensure that we share compliance updates to you on a fortnightly basis

How are you better than an In- house team?

  1. With us, you get trained manpower since we have the expertise in hiring the right accountant
  2. We manage,train, develope and retain the accountant since he/she is our employee
  3. Fewer accuracy issues in the books of accounts due to the maker-checker system we implement
  4. You are dependant on a company, not on a person

What is the difference between a Dedicated and a Shared Resource?

A dedicated resource (or a full-time accounts executive) will cost you somewhere between Rs 25,000 – Rs 30,000 per month based on the level of seniority required. The cost of a shared resource (or a part-time accountant) will depend on the number of hours the accountant is dedicated to working on your company accounts. Our in-house technical team would be able to help you decide that. 

What is the difference between the Onsite and the Remote way of working?

An onsite and remote model differs very little in cost. The only charges additional in an onsite model would be the travel charges if the office of the client is more than 10 minutes away from the nearest railway station. 

How will you track my company’s compliances?

We have a recurring checklist that allows us to track all compliances applicable to you and ensure that our team is filing your compliances on time. We also ensure that we send updates to you on a fortnightly basis, on what compliances are pending.

What is the cost of this service?

We start as low as Rs 5,000 + GST per month for our Fully Managed Service. It completely depends on the volume of transactions and the  accounting software in use.

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