Tips To Manage Your Business While Working From Home

WFH -The New Style of Doing Business

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Business Strategy | 0 comments

WFH -The New Style of Doing Business

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Business Strategy | 0 comments

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the scales of how business used to run in the past. Most businesses have a similar question, is Work From Home possible on a large scale? However, after being struck with a pandemic business owners have been put in a situation wherein order to run a successful business one must adapt to the changing times and now WORK FROM HOME is not only possible but has proven to be productive, efficient and also a viable option here-on out and now we will be living in a world that has pre-COVID and post-COVID memories. 


Business owners have a constant fear over the productivity of their hired employees so in a work from home model the fear of unproductivity will only increase. However, the concept of remote working or work from home always existed and was a thriving model in many businesses be it in the tech world, bloggers or pre-sales tele-callers. Even a corporate giant such as Twitter decided to have its entire company work from home on a permanent basis but from donkey’s years, businesses have believed that working from the offices is a way to determine the productivity of the employee. Owners, leaders and managers believe that it’s important to keep a close eye on the working of their employees cause only then they are off full value. Therefore, businesses will resort to calling their employees back to their offices as they would have the fear of less productiveness. 


Hence, in the light of this issue let’s weigh the odds of the pros and cons of work from home for businesses:


 Flexibility in life -(Work from home gives you the opportunity to be flexible.)

Anyone would like to spend time with their families because the toughest part is going through the regular process of the 9-5 standard job schedule. In the work from home model, you can take care of all appointments and still spend time with your families. You can attend a conference and run your household errands at the same time be it purchasing groceries or taking care of your child. You still have to meet your deadlines and effectively attend meetings at the given time but you have the capacity to take care of other responsibilities without jeopardizing any other in the process.


Constant Work and no end in sight (Work-life – Leisure life, no separation)

Who wouldn’t like waking up from their beds stretching a bit and getting into their work? Seems like an ideal life right? The issue that comes with this model is that you find yourself working round the clock. You decided on a start time but there ends up being no stoppage time as a result you feel that you are constantly working and there seems no end to the schedule. Today with the availability of technology at your fingertips it becomes a task to find the post-work relaxation that one would have after coming back from the office. Relaxation post work is a major way to reset your body to feel fresh and motivated to work the next day and due to us working from home now the exhaustion levels have risen as there seems to be no end to the work. 


There needs to be some kind of separation from work and leisure, be it family time or just going for a walk, exercise, etc. It’s important to set boundaries when you work and you should stick to it as it’s important for your physical health and mental health. Recouping from daily work is key to being productive and efficient in every way. 


No more small-time chit-chat (Being super focused as there is no ideal chit-chat.)

No one likes losing focus when you are doing important work. Work from home helps you stay super focused and get into an ideal flow of work where you will not be disturbed by your co-workers randomly dropping by your desk talking about how awesome or sad their weekend was. You end up having limited unnecessary wastage of time when working on something that requires your total attention. There are literally no interruptions from any managers or bosses when you are mid-work. This will help you finish multiple projects faster in a shorter period which you would otherwise take you days to finish. This also helps you from not attending unnecessary meetings that would hamper your workflow. 


Misunderstanding conversations and miss reading situations done via electronic mediums. 

Many times it can get difficult to understand what the intent is of the message or note shared to us by someone who we don’t know. This can be an issue for clients and employees. Upon asking many people about work from home “loneliness” aside the main problem was to understand the tone of the message or communication that was shared with them via emails, text messages or social media. 


“Just like in relationships, it can be easy to misconstrue tonality of someone’s messages. We’re often blind without body language and facial expressions to rely on, and we assume the worst. Therefore, there needs to be extra effort made in maintaining positive communications,” as quoted by Michael Sunderland, managing director of Full Stack Talent.


Business owners can use multiple platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc that are easily available to have had a more in-person feel and relationship with their employees so that there is no miscommunication.


Saving money has never been easier (No time wasted in travel and any extra expenses.)

No one likes the rush of the trains or extra long battle traffic and then you reach your office battered after hours of traveling to enter a meeting or get started on your work started. Instead, you would like to walk down your hallway from your bedroom into your workspace and get started without wasting time traveling. Unless you have to travel outside to meet a client. This actually helps you keep a fresh mind and a focused mind, it will actually help you get more productive. You won’t also have to waste extra money that you would otherwise spend on outside food and on expensive clothing as you are home remotely working. 


Looking at the same scenery and making efforts to constantly change the same.

Many people stressed that they faced cabin fever. So a blessing to work from home can also turn into a curse. Many work from home employees and freelancers stated that their workplace during the day is the same as their place they relax later on in the evening. This can cause fatigue to the human mind as there is no change in the scenery and you end up spending large parts of your day indoors. Hence it’s important to schedule lunches or meetings with clients as you get to leave your home and have a breath of fresh air. 


Work from home has its benefits but at the same time no situation is perfect, everything has its own drawbacks. In a situation where work from home is unavoidable learning about the pros and cons can help life become much easier, make our work life more profitable and productive. These learnings can go a long way and make our work from home experience successful.

Bring the experts onboard to help you grow your business.
Bring the experts onboard to help you grow your business.