Why is image optimization essential for SEO?

by | 27 Jun 2022 | Sales & Marketing

There is a saying that says, “A picture speaks a thousand words,” which is so true!! Everyone loves to interact with pictures instead of words, whether in media, ecommerce, or even travel websites.

People are more interested in watching images rather than reading the text. For any website, visual content is extremely important as it improves traffic and rank. That is why image optimization on SEO is essential for people!

Using image optimization for SEO allows the viewer to reduce the workload and improve a page’s ranking. Here at Savage & Palmer, we provide image optimization services to help you increase sales.

If you’d like to know more about SEO image optimisation, you must read this article!

What is Image Optimization?

Image optimization is the process that helps in delivering the high-resolution or high-quality images in the right size, resolution, dimension and format but keep them as small as possible. It can be done in different ways, and those are resizing the photo, compressing the size or caching. 

You can use a different tool for image optimization on SEO and improve the performance of your website.

It has been proven important for the website to improve its visibility and optimize its image. When it comes to image optimization on SEO, you should keep in mind the following:

  • While creating an image, make sure you choose the right image type, as there are several different options. You should look for the one that can be easily converted into a small size and of good quality.
  • Remember that you have to use the keywords while naming the image because that will be the main thing more people will search to reach your website.
  • Once you do that, you can resize your image because large images can load your website very slowly. But if you will resize or compress the image, it will not reduce the quality but will load your page fast.
  • While image optimization on seo, you need to optimize the alt image tags, also known as the alt attributes.  These are used by users when the image cannot load on the website properly. The alt tags tell that the image has a visual impairment and what is its content and are also used to determine the rank.
  • Finally, you must include a decorative image, which only serves a decorative purpose. A spacer, border, etc., should surround the image. You should choose that carefully and ensure that it does not slow down your website.

Importance of Image Optimization on SEO

When it takes more time to load the website, the user will abandon it and shift to your competitors. Who wants that to happen? It will affect the conversion and traffic on the website. That is why image optimization on seo is really important. 

Here are some of the details regarding that:

Enhance the page load speed

Your website’s loading speed depends on several different factors, including the time it takes for a page to load. If a website takes more than three seconds to load, it can lose a user. What are your thoughts about that?

Of course, but with the image optimization on SEO, the speed for loading the page will increase, faster visitors’ experience.

Thus, it will increase the engagement on the website, and people will interact with the products and services you are offering to them.

Improves the SEO Ranking

The search engine doesn’t love slow websites, just like its users. Google has made it clear that if they want to increase the ranking of their website, then they will need the website to increase its speed. Everyone knows that a faster website will show better results than the slower one.

At Savage & Palmer, we understand how important it is for a businessman to increase their websites ranking. That is why through better image optimization on SEO, we will provide you with the best ranking.

Helps in boosting conversion rate

Are you looking for ways to improve the ranking on SEO? If you are then on that page, you should strive to capture more users and increase conversions.

To do that, you need to improve the page load speed of the website because that is directly related to the SEO conversion and ranking of the website.

 Page loading will be faster when you use image optimization on SEO. Conversion will only increase when people reach your website. But if they will not see the things on your website because it is not loading, how will it boost the conversion.

Improves user engagement

If you want to improve your business, it is essential to keep your customers happy. That will only be possible if they can find your website and get what they need from there. You can make them happy if they get the best experience and the websites offer them an excellent user experience.

You can also give that to them by image optimization on SEO and improving the page’s loading speed. It will provide a better experience to the user, and when the page loads quickly, the user will spend more time on your page. 

The more time they will be there, they may buy something or like your products and services. One thing that users want is the best experience; if you are providing them with that, then it will increase engagement.

Final Words!

Image optimization is the best way to increase visibility and improve the website’s ranking on SEO. In this digital world, everything is related to the website, and if you want a better response, you need to improve the performance of your website. That is why you must get image optimization on SEO to give your users a better experience.

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